The latest announcements relating to enhancements and additions to our services are listed below.  For financial related news, please see our Investor Relations section.

comdirect chooses Investors Intelligence

11th May 2005 -
Investors Intelligence (UK), a division of Stockcube Research is pleased to announce the launch of a new technical analysis service in association with comdirect, one of the UK’s leading online stockbrokers.

Investors Intelligence launches ETF service

11th Feb 2005 -
In line with changes in market demand we have developed a new service for investors in Exchange Traded Funds ("ETFs") - The Investors Intelligence ETF Review. This comprises a weekly review by e-mail, full access to charts on-line and a model portfolio.

Investors Intelligence websites merged

5 Oct 2004 -
Investors Intelligence Chartcraft and  the new Investors Intelligence Global services are now available on one website: www.investors All services, including US and European equities, our popular Advisors Sentiment index and the C2F2 currencies and commodities and financial futures services can be accessed from our new universal platform. We are currently offering free trials on selected services, register online today to lean more.

Investors Intelligence Global now online

11 Aug 2004 -
Investors Intelligence Global is now available online, delivering the high quality charting, breadth measurement and technical analysis services developed by Investors Intelligence Chartcraft over the past five decades to the international markets. Register online today for a free trial at

This service replaces the charting and analysis services previously provided by Chartanalysts. Markets covered include UK Equities, European equities and international equities. The II-Global service also encompasses the popular C2F2 service, providing daily updates and featured trades across currencies, commodities and financial futures.

Stockcube Bookshop now online

10 Oct 2003 - Stockcube Bookshop
The Stockcube Bookshop is now on line with a wide variety of titles available on technical analysis and other specialist financial areas.

Browse through a great selection of key financial works from including JJ Murphy's Technical Analysis, Warren Buffet's thoughts on investment, Edwin Lefevre's "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" or purchase the new work on point and figure charting by Weber and Zieg.

New Module Release: C2F2

19 Apr 2002 - read product overview
Stockcube release C2F2, the currencies, commodities & financial futures module from chartanalysts. Includes daily and weekly analysis of trend with key levels identified. " or purchase the new work on point and figure charting by Weber and Zieg.